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How to move to Australia

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You won't have to worry about a thing. Our experts will guide you all the time.

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Applying for a visa may seem complicated, but not with synch1

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Best value for money

1 hour of free consultation and family-friendly pricing

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Unique, innovative method

Our evaluation and consultation package is second to none

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10+ years of experience

We perfectly know how to handle your case

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Qualified immigration agents

All our immigration experts are qualified and registered by MARA

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Australian immigration law is very complicated and the whole process of getting a visa is usually very stressful and troublesome for those who decide to apply for a visa by themselves.

Following all regulation changes, knowing what kind of documents you have to provide, finding out if your working experience is sufficient - this requires a lot of work.

With synch1 you won't have to worry about a thing. Our qualified immigration experts will guide you through the process and do the most difficult job themselves.

Synch1 - no risk, no worries, no trouble!


We are fully aware of the Australian immigration laws, regulations, and visa requirements and have the professionals who deal with them on a daily basis so you don't have to worry that you might miss and forget something that could prove crucial when applying for a visa.

You will be guided by our immigration expert who will tell you exactly:
• what are the next stages,
• what you should provide,
• what are your actual chances,
• for which visa you should apply,
• who should be the main applicant (if you want to emigrate with your spouse/partner),
• what will be the total cost of the full representation in the visa application process.

Not sure yet if you want to move to Australia? There is no rush to make up your mind immediately. It is in your best interest to make an informed decision based on the detailed analysis provided to you by Synch1.

Best value for money
Best value for money

Applying for the initial evaluation and consultation package not only you will get a personalized migration plan and report, but also 1 additional hour of free consultation via phone, skype or email.

We don't want to leave you with a single doubt left!

Are you planning to relocate to Australia with your spouse/partner or kids? You don't have to pay twice!

For instance, if you want us to prepare a detailed migration plan for you, your spouse and 2 children below 18 years, you'll have it all for the price of one!

Unique, innovative method
Unique, innovative method

Our system has its own proprietary methods and quality assurance. All this is enhanced by the dedication and professionalism of our experts. This results in a very reliable system by which Synch1 experts will walk you through step by step in a structured and very systematic way.

Thanks to our unique initial evaluation and consultation package you will exactly know what your best chances are before taking a decision to relocate yourself to Australia. Our 10+ years experience and extremely high success rate have shown that this is the most reliable way to start your way to the land of endless opportunities.

Package contains: • detailed report describing your actual chances of getting a visa according to the Australian immigration regulations
• personalized migration plan summarizing all further steps to make (assessments to take, documentation to fill etc.)
• final evaluation of all fees and costs of the full representation in visa application process (if you are eligible)
• 1 hour of free additional consultation over phone, skype or e-mail

10+ years of experience
10+ years of experience

Our team consists of highly trained and qualified Australian immigration professionals with legal and accounting qualifications and backgrounds. Over the last years we helped hundreds of people to fulfill their Australian dream.

As a Synch1 Client, you can expect high quality services and representation, where your personal circumstances are uniquely addressed. The staff at Synch1 is extremely professional, observing the highest ethical standards.

We are here to help!

Qualified immigration agents
Qualified immigration agents

When applying for your Australian consultation, detailed assessment report, quotes, contracts or in any interaction with our customers, it is very important that your migration agent works in line with the DIBP (Australian Department of immigration and Border Protection) guidelines.

Migration agents and lawyers in Australia are members of the MARA and also all of our agents belong to MIA (Migration Institute of Australia). All those factors add up together to ensure that your application for any Australian visa is dealt with utmost care and the level of service is at the top of the range of customer care and professionalism. Some of our clients call it emigration and some migration or immigration, all those terms mean the same and refer to the same life changing process of moving to Australia.

It is very important that the Immigration agents and lawyers you choose to represent you in this life changing process are registered and qualified by MARA - the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the only body that registers immigration agents in Australia).

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