More than a million people pack up their baggage from their home town and make a shift on Australian Visa each year as per the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in the Australian Government.

Even as they may all be from different backgrounds, walks of life, cultures and ethnicities, every single one of them, irrespective of their age, gender or intention for moving to Australia has one common thing to share and that one thing is that they all own a valid visa. Essentially, a visa for Australia is a piece of paper that offers a person authorization to visit the country for a specific cause. Even though it may seem like that there are several different types of visas, they can all be grouped into and placed into six main categories, termed as simply skilled, travel, working holiday, business, family or spouse. In addition, even as they may all vary in their requirements, they all offer the holder with the legal documents that they need for an Australian visa are explained as follows.

Understanding the Six Main Types of Australian Visa

1. Skilled. For those who are seeking to shift to Australia to work, a skilled visa should be the primary port of call and is ruled largely by a document that has been created by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in the Australian Government referred to as the Skilled Occupations List (SOL).

2. Travel. In general, if a trip to Australia is going to be merely sightseeing or visiting family, a travel Australian visa will more than needed. Keeping in mind that it permits for no working to be embarked on at any point, a travel visa is the ideal choice for majority of holidaymakers.

3. Working Holiday. The kind of visa that gap year students apply for, a Working Holiday visa permits anyone below the age of 31 (and over the age of 18) to live in Australia for up to 2 years, when both working and studying (although certain restrictions do apply to studying, the working aspect is generally very flexible).

4. Business. Similar to a skilled Australian visa, a business visa is a permanent alternative that permits for business owners (or prospective business owners) to live in Australia indefinitely till the time they can invest in some way into the country.

5. Family. One of the simplest ways to move to Australia is to have a member of your family that is already a permanent resident sponsor you. A famous option for the majority of immigrants, there is several individual routes available to choose from within this visa type.

6. Spouse. Akin to a family visa, a spouse visa works by the partner of the applicant (who will already be an Australia citizen or permanent resident) claiming that they will aid to sustain the applicant throughout the first 2 years of their living time in Australia.

Having a visa in hand prior to Australian move is utmost important to ensuring that the complete move is entirely legal. Even when the process of applying for a visa may seem daunting and laborious, there are many several resources available to facilitate you ensure that that you choose the right Australian visa for you.