The Australian Immigration drive is specially focused on miners.

Australia as a nation is inhabited by immigrants from across the world. The continent is undergoing some of its largest immigration drives which are industry specific.

The UK and Europe are the target of finding new immigrants. The lure of better climate, low cost of living and better working conditions have attracted many immigrants to Australia. Australia has become the preferred destination for many bright young people who wish to start their career in another country.

The Australian economy is booming and the country is actively encouraging skilled people to opt for Australian immigration.

The skilled immigrants will be assessed on their age, experience, English language proficiency etc. Points are awarded under all these heads and a minimum criteria is set.

Under the new program of Australian Immigration Australia is offering 4 year sponsored immigration with an open option of staying on permanently. There are good scope for trained apprentice and skilled workers in Australia. If a person is below 45 years of age and has 6 to 7 years experience in his trade he can apply for Australian Immigration and obtain a Skilled Visa. Most Australian States are facing a desperate shortage of skilled workers especially miners.

If the recent report by Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy is to be believed Australia is going to experience an acute shortage of trained metallurgy and mining workers in the coming times. Australia is able to provide only 70 % of its miners and metallurgists requirements and the rest has to be managed by immigrants. For a major part of this decade the Australian economy had fared very well with a low inflation, low unemployment, strong economic growth and gradually rising commodity prices. The shortage of skilled miners are acutely being felt in the mining industry. In support to this problem the Australian Government brought out the Skilled Vacancies Index which clearly specified the trades which are suffering labor shortages and these people will be given an opportunity for Australian Immigration.

The mining industry is facing a shortage of trained miners and it is a case of demand being more than the supply. The mining industry was in a long slumber before the economic miracle of the 80’s which saw Australia rapidly growing and metallurgy became the number one industry due to its role in every type of business and commerce. Coal, Iron ore and other metallic ores were being dug out at a very fast pace to match with the economic surge. Companies have started to search outside Australia. for skilled workers for mining and mining-related companies. Given below are some of the vocations for which Australia is facing a shortage and tradesman in these trades have a higher probability of Getting a Visa for Australian Immigration.

Different trades in the SOL or Skilled Occupation List

Automotive Electrician,Fitter,Furniture Upholsterer,Metal Fabricator (boilermaker).Metal Mechanist (first class),Motor Mechanic,Panel Beater,Pastry Cook,Sheet Metal Worker (first class),Toolmaker,Vehicle Painter, and Welder (first class)