The Australian immigration policy is based on the factor that the immigrant can contribute to the betterment of the Australian economy.

This is the underlying purpose of the skilled migration policy. In order to get a skilled Australian immigration visa you must be well versed in any one of the vocations mentioned in the new Skilled occupation List.

If you have the requisite skills you can be granted an Australian immigration visa for permanently settling in Australia. But to be eligible you must fulfill some very basic but critical criteria.

Age: The applicant must be below 45 years in age.

English language: The applicant must be well conversant with the English language. The person must be able to read and write in English. This is known as Vocational English.

Qualifications: The applicant desiring an Australian immigration must have completed at least post-secondary education like a university or trade qualifications. In certain cases the rules can be waived if the person has sufficient work experience in the said vocation or trade. The skills of the persons will be assessed by an AustralianĀ  body.

Occupation: The applicant must declare a skilled vocation which is relevant to his skills and qualification. The vocation must be present in the SOL.

Recent Work Experience: The applicant may be asked to produce proof of his work experience. The minimum experience required may vary according to the trade or vocation applied for.

Australia Skilled Migration – Points Tested
The applicant must score above a minimum migration points in a test conducted by the Australian immigration authorities. It is a simple skill and aptitude test and if you have a relative or friend in Australia he can coach you better.

Australia Skilled Migration – Designated Area Sponsored
A person who resides in theĀ  Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, ACT, NT, and areas in other states but not within the municipal limits can sponsor a relative. Persons seeking Australian Immigration under this section need not pass the points test.

Australia family sponsorship migration Visa
If the applicant has a relative residing in Australia, the person can sponsor the immigrant and get him a migration visa. If the person has a permanent relationship with any Australian citizen he or she can apply for a permanent visa. If you are married to an Australian citizen the partner can sponsor the person for a permanent visa.
A Parent Visa

It enables a the applicant who have children who are Australian Citizens to get a permanent visa. Eligibility depends upon the number of children the applicant has and how many are residing in Australia.

Business Australian Immigration Visa

If the applicant has a business background and wants to invest in Australia to start a business or is planning to purchase a existing Australian business establishment the person can opt for a business visa.

Business Owner Visa
Persons with significant ownership interest in business in Australia can opt for Business Owner Visa.

Senior Executive Australian Immigration Visa
Persons with management experience in operating large business houses may be granted permanent residence in Australia under this visa category.