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Australian Visa- Frequently Asked Questions and their answers

July 20th, 2010

There are many questions which one would like to have an answer before he gets an Australian Visa.

The Frequently Asked Questions are answered below.

The list is not exhaustive but contains in a nutshell the commonly asked questions before going for an Australian Visa.

What privileges can I get with the permanent Australian Visa?

The permanent Australian Visa is valid for 5 years and you can enter Australia before the expiry of the Visa and stay in Australia indefinitely. You will be obtain all the privileges which a normal citizen of Australia is entitled to in Australia like medical insurance. The Australian Visa can be renewed after 5 years provided you stayed in Australia for at least 2 years in the preceding 5 years.

How is a permanent Australian Visa different from temporary Australian Visa?
Permanent Australian Visa entitles a person to stay in Australia for an indefinite period while a temporary visa entitles the person to stay for the period stipulated in the Visa.

Does Bridging Australian Visa entitle a person to stay indefinitely in Australia?
Bridging Australian Visa does not entitle a person to remain in Australia permanently. It will make your stay legal during the period in which your visa application is being processed. You can stay permanently in Australia after obtaining a substantive visa.

Can a person apply for permission to work while in Australia?
Yes if a person holds a substantive Australian Visa while applying for another substantive visa, the bridging visa will entitle the person to stay and work but if you have a tourist visa you may not be permitted to work in Australia. If the person wants permission to work he may have to apply again for a bridging visa which permits him to work.

Is it legal to apply for more than one visa at a time?
Yes the person  can apply for more than one Australian Visa at a time. The person has to justify both the visa ‘s and pay the relevant fees separately.

Can a person have more than one Australian Visa at a time?
No a person can hold only one Visa at a time , the latest and all the preceding visas cease to be valid.

How can a person seek Australian Citizen?
•    You can become an Australian Citizen If
•    You are born in Australia
•    One of the parents is an Australian citizen
•    A child of an Australian citizen born in another country can become an Australian citizen. The rules of Citizenship is detailed in the Australian Citizenship Act, 1948.

Criteria essential for applying for Australian Citizenship
•    The person is an Australian permanent resident
•    Has attained 16 years of age
•    Lived in Australia as a permanent resident for two years in the previous five, which includes the 12 months before the  date of applying.
•    Have a knowledge of basic English
•    Understand your responsibilities and privileges as a citizen

What is the average time taken to process a visa application?
Depends upon  the type of visa, country of origin and quality of application made.
What are the reasons of delay for my visa application ?

Delays can possibly result from and include:
•    Improper documentation and presentation
•    Visa requirements erroneously interpreted
•    Personal interview sought
•    Health issues
•    Criminal background
•    Satisfactory supporting documents wanting
•    Requests  for additional supporting information by the immigration authorities.


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