Immigrants are allowed to enter Australia depending on their vocational skills, health condition, age and financial status. Persons desiring to immigrate to Australia can apply for any one of the many Australian Visa options.

The Migrants broadly fall into Two categories-
•    The Migration Program
•    The Humanitarian Program

The first category of Australian Visa issued to persons  to immigrate on the basis of possessing technical skills which can contribute to the Australian economy and society. Half of all the Australian Immigration fall in this category.

The Australian Visa issue process as mentioned before is made on the basis of skills, health status and knowledge of English language.

Race,sex,religion and cultural background is not a deciding factor at all. The migration program includes both skilled migrants and people who desire to do business or commerce in Australia. The Migration program is involved in all potential migrants who are applying for a visa.

The Skilled migrants is divided into five categories-

Independent Skilled Migrants
•    For skilled persons of an approved occupation in Australia
•    Age limit not more than 45 years
Skilled Migrant – Australian Linked
•     Migrants who have close relatives in Australia who are willing to sponsor them
•    Assessment done on the basis of age, educational qualifications and knowledge of English and other languages
Distinguished Talent
•    A small category for  people associated with arts or  sports field.
Employer Nominated Migrant
•    Employers can recruit skilled people from overseas if the vacancy cannot be filled locally.
•    Assessment done on the basis of age, educational qualifications and knowledge of English
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
•     An Australian employer can sponsor a person overseas if he resides in a remote location beyond the metropolitan limits

The remaining part of the Migration program is for reuniting families and settlement of former residents of the country. Families from New Zealand can also settle in Australia. Business migrants also come under the purview of Skilled migrants but they have been given certain extra privileges and have been put as a special category. In March 2003 certain amendments were made in the visa regulation for business migrants. Initially the business migrants were issued Australian visa for 4 years and after the business had been fairly established the person can ask for a permanent residence visa.

Business skill Australian visa of the Australian Immigration process aims at permanently settling successful business owners in Australia. Investors, Business owners, Executives can seek visa under Business skills category. Highly skilled business migrants who are sponsored by the State or Territory government can be provided permanent visa. Such type of Visa is known as Business talent Visa.

Under the Family stream sections 32000 migrants will be allowed to migrate. The person desiring to have a Family Migrant  Australian Visa must have a responsible relative who is willing to sponsor him. Aged relatives, parents or children who are unable to support themselves can apply for this visa. The person will not be assessed for his skills and language proficiency but he may have to undergo a medical check up for confirming his health status as per Australian laws.