An increasing number of persons are applying for Australian Visa under the skilled migrants section.

Australia is a very important destination for the tech savvy and young people who would like to immigrate to Australia and seek a platform to build their career. The country is extremely friendly , safe and economically making huge progress. The assessment of the visas are very open and honest. The assessment is based on a point system calculator where points are awarded for work experience, qualifications and language proficiency.

Some of the other Australian visa include Australian Family Migration and Humanitarian Programs.

After obtaining an Australian Visa it is desirable to know something about your new home so that your roll over is as smooth as possible and there is no hitch in the day to day chores on your arrival. Given below are some of the essential services in Australia which you would need during the course of your stay in Australia.

The first public utility service you would need is a bank to keep your money and facilitate withdrawal and deposits. Banking services in Australia are extremely competitive. There are  20 local and many international banking groups which are operating in Australia. These banks have their branches and extension counters in almost all big and small cities across Australia. ATM’s can be found everywhere -in malls, restaurants, and shopping centers. You can withdraw or deposit money in these ATM’s. Banks work from 9:30 to 4:00 on all days except on Fridays when the bank is open for transaction till 5:00. Selected branches remain open on Saturdays also.

Credit cards
Credit cards are used extensively in Australia. All major cards like American Express and Diners International, master-card , Visa and their affiliates are accepted.

Australian Currency
The Australian currency is dollars and cents system of decimal currency with 100 cents in a dollar. The bank notes in circulation are $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Coins  are silver colored and of the denominations of 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent and the gold colored $1 and $2 coins. Australia’s has revolutionized the use of   polymer (plastic) banknote which is a very good concept and is going to be the future of currencies the world over. Polymer (plastic) banknote is extremely secure, and environment friendly.

Australia uses the 220 to 250 Volts power transmission voltage and most of the electrical appliances internationally are also configured on the same voltage. Hence If you have got an Australian Visa and worrying about taking your electric razor along Don’t worry it will work with same efficiency in Australia.

Driving System
Australia follows the keep to left rule and has a left hand side driving system. Tourists  may drive in Australia with a  overseas drivers license. If the license documents is not in the English language a translator is mandatory with the document.

Australia has an efficient telephone system and Public telephone kiosks can be found in almost all places in any city. Internet access is easy and available at most places. Pre or post paid cards for mobiles and public phones are easily available in different denominations. Mobile phones are also very popular.