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Australian Immigration- Attracting the young and bright

July 21st, 2010

An increasing number of persons are applying for Visa under the skilled migrants section for Australian Immigration.

Australia as a nation is inhabited by immigrants from across the world. Australia was the last land piece to be discovered after the discovery of the new world. Australia is credited to occupy the position of the smallest continent of the world. It has a variety of climates and vegetation’s. It includes desert like conditions in the interiors, long beaches along the coastline, corral reefs and vast grasslands. It is a amalgam of different cultures which are brought by the immigrants from different parts of the world who have made Australia their home.

Australia is a very important destination for the tech savvy and young people who would like to immigrate to Australia and seek a platform to build their career.

Australian economy is booming and there is an acute shortage of skilled workers. Therefore the country is encouraging Australian immigration of skilled workers who are in short supply in the country.

The country is extremely friendly , safe and economically making huge progress. The assessment of the visas are very open and honest. The assessment is based on a point system calculator where points are awarded for work experience, qualifications and language proficiency. Some of the other Australian visa include Australian Family Migration and Humanitarian Programs.

The continent is undergoing some of its largest immigration drives which are industry specific. The Australian Government brought out the Skilled Vacancies Index which clearly specified the trades which are suffering labor shortages and these people will be given an opportunity for Australian Immigration. There are certain criteria which is crucial for successfully getting a Skilled Visa for Australian Immigration. The person must not be over the age of 45. The person should be familiar with English language. The seeker of the visa will have to clear the test conducted by the Immigration Authorities. The applicant for this type of visa would have to nominate a vocation from the Skilled Occupation List. The person must have the necessary skills which will be assessed by a competent Australian authority.

Immigrants are allowed to enter Australia depending on their vocational skills, health condition, age and financial status. Persons desiring an Australian Immigration can apply for any one of the many Australian Visa options. Business skill  visa of the Australian Immigration process aims at permanently settling successful business owners in Australia. Investors, Business owners, Executives can seek visa under Business skills category. Highly skilled business migrants who are sponsored by the State or Territory government can be provided permanent visa. Such type of Visa is known as Business talent Visa.

Under the Family stream sections 32000 migrants will be allowed for Australian Immigration. The person desiring to have a Family Migrant Australian Visa must have a responsible relative who is willing to sponsor him. Aged relatives, parents or children who are unable to support themselves can apply for this visa. The person will not be assessed for his skills and language proficiency but he may have to undergo a medical check up for confirming his health status as per Australian laws.


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