This has prompted the Australian Immigration authorities to put a cap on the number of immigrants who are given entry into the nation.

Australia is a continent which was discovered last much after the discovery of the new world. The continent as a whole was inhabited by aborigines who were pushed to the interiors by the immigrants mostly from England.

A large part of the skilled work force of Australia comprises of migrants from the third world. Most of the immigrants come in search for a better living standards.

Having said that it does not mean that Australia has shut the door on all forms of immigration. What Australia really wants is to improve the quality of the immigrants with those who can contribute to the Australian Economy.

Minister for Australian Immigration and Citizenship Senator Chris Evans, has confirmed that the skilled occupation list is being changed and many new trades have been introduced.

In fact immigrants mostly people who are opportunists enroll themselves in little known institutions and obtain diplomas in trades like hairdresser or as cook. Once the person gets a diploma he can apply for work permit and stay in Australia. It is exactly these kind of people which the nation want to put an end. The policies of Australian immigration are more driven by economic considerations. Australia will not be a dumping ground for unskilled or low skilled workers. If the number of immigrants is taken as a bench mark Australia allows the highest number of immigrants.

There are 181 occupations which has been designated in the SOL or the skilled occupation list. This list has been finalized by an independent agency Skills Australia, who prepared this list in accordance with the requirements of the Australian economy. The list was long overdue and it has finally been revised. The Australian Immigration will be more dictated by the economic requirements. There will a complete revision of the rules pertaining immigration. People who are eligible according to the SOL will be welcome and no more immigration of unskilled workers. The Australian immigration cannot be dictated by the courses which are studied by the immigrants rather than those immigrants who can make a contribution to the Australian economy and provide the population of the country with better services.

In short the Australian immigration authorities is trying to filter out and allow entry of those persons who are highly skilled and can contribute to the Australian Economy. People who are highly skilled will have no problem and the the Australian government will ensure a hassle free entry of such persons. This is bad news for low skilled workers like hairdressers who made use of the lax immigration rules of the previous government will find the options of immigrating to Australia closed. In 2007-08 41000 skilled visas were issued and Hairdressers numbered more than 5000. In the latest SOL vocations like Hairdressing and Cooking has been removed and many new highly skilled vocations has been introduced. Therefore the number of immigrants allowed continue to be the same; only the quality and composition of the immigrants have been changed.