People especially the young desperately seek an Australian Visa and the reasons are not very difficult to guess.

The Australian economy is booming with sound economic policies followed by the government. The surge in economic growth has fueled a demand of 100,000 skilled work force in the next 4 years. Since the domestic supply of skilled workers is limited Australia has to seek help from skilled workers from other parts of the globe.

This need has forced Australia to follow an aggressive immigration policy which encourages people from all parts of the Globe to seek Australian visa for immigration to Australia seeking work and a better standard of living.

There are set criteria for persons seeking an Australian Visa and once a person fulfills these criteria he is issued an Australian visa.

Australia since its discovery has seen large scale immigration from across the world. Out of a total population of 19.4 million people more than 25 % of this population is composed of expatriates from across 140 countries. English is the official language and seekers of Australian Visa has to have a fair degree of proficiency in the language and even need to obtain high marks in a test carried out to gauge their proficiency in English language.

With a vibrant economy controlled by the private sector there is an acute shortage of skilled work force and Australia encourages the immigration of skilled workers. For this the Government has made various rules and issues work visas from its embassies and consulates across the world. Australian Visa informations can be obtained on line and people can apply for a visa on line. Australian Visa is assessed and points are awarded on various factors like the work experience, qualifications and language proficiency.  For a person to obtain a Australian Visa he needs to score at least 120 points with a reserve of100 points. There are other types of visas also for immigration to Australia like the Australian Family Migration and Humanitarian Programs.

The Australian immigration program gives people of different parts of the world a chance to immigrate to Australia and have a better quality of life and contributing to the Australian economy. Special emphasis is given on attracting skilled workers who are below the age of 45 to immigrate to Australia. A special list has been prepared which lists those trade and vocations who have an acute shortage of skilled workers. Any worker who has the minimum qualification and experience in a particular trade or vocation which is present in the skilled occupation list   and has a reasonable ability to talk and write in English can apply for a Skilled Australian Visa. If you can find a sponsor who resides in a remote part of Australia away from the municipal limits of any city can also apply for an Australian Visa for migration. People who want to invest substantially in Australia or seek to start a business in Australia can also apply for Visa. Australia has become a hub for students seeking higher education and student visas are also given liberally.