In the hope of getting an Australian Immigration, many people apply for a visa to Australia; no matter for short term or long term.

Many times, it happens with the applicants that their visa and migration application gets rejected and they fail in order to become a migrant to Australia. There can be several reasons behind that such as the lack of fulfillment of required formalities or wrong data or information updated to the visa and immigration authority.

Quite unfortunate are those get their applications rejected, still they can enjoy the opportunity to get their applications re-reviewed, even after the cancellation. However, Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) is the final authority has the right to look towards cancellation and refusal of the visa applications for Australian Immigration and that too on the basis of the merit points earned by the applicants.

It means when the Australian Visa application of an applicant gets rejected due to any reason, an application can be sent to Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) with bringing new evidences to support his application that has not been produced or considered by the person originally making the decision regarding the visa refusal or cancellation.

Time limit to appeal to Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) for re-reviewing the application for Australian Immigration and Visa

As, Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) is the final authority to appeal for the re-review of the cancelled application, this author reviews the rejected case with the new evidences within a very strict time span depending upon the types of decisions being made by the Tribunal. It doesn’t mean that if anyone got the decision to his application within 20 days, then others would also get the decision within the same time span. Hence, it is highly essential for the applicants to move on to get suitable legal advice as they are informed about the rejection of their visa application from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, instead of waiting and letting the time to apply for, end. One’s calculations may go wrong and if the date gets missed, then there would be no chance to recover the loss.

Procedure leads to the cancellation of Australian Immigration and Visa

If your student visa to Australia has been cancelled; either you should immediately act on the rejection or risk missing the opportunity to appeal at the Migration Review Tribunal for the re-review over your visa application. Immediately responding to the Notice of Cancellation, Section 20 Notice or Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation received from Department of Immigration and Citizenship is highly essential for the visa applicants.

It is as important as you receive any Notice of Intention to Report from your registered education provider to remain in Australia for education and finally, get the opportunity to become a Permanent Resident to Australia. It will then considered by the good lawyers for Australian Immigration purpose that whether you have been well treated throughout the process of application cancellation and you have been informed timely with the proper notice about cancellation. Hence, these smaller points can also become a means to get back to the visa approval for which, professional legal advice should always be taken.