Australia Skilled Immigration remains one of the goals of the individuals admiring the working opportunities for the outsiders in Australia.

Skilled Migration Visas provide significant opportunities to the skilled and working professionals to live and work in Australia. Australian Government runs Australia Skilled Migration program holding the authority for the migration of skilled and professional people in Australia. People through this visa program get the permission to live and work in Australia on the permanent basis and are needed to use their skills, qualification, language ability and work experience to meet the requirements for Australia Skilled Immigration and Working Visa.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia organizes General Skilled Migration Program for the individuals having skills and qualification for the workers needed for occupation in Australia for meeting the labor shortages and are not at all sponsored by any employer. People applying for this visa application program must be between the age group 18 to 45 years and they must have a good hold on English language. Applicants must also be experienced in their skilled occupation along with having their occupation listed in the Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). SOL is the list of the occupations for which the workers and skilled professionals are needed to apply.

Recently, few changes have been confirmed by the DIAC relating to Australia Skilled Immigration program.

These changes brought measures to award more points to the individuals possessing very good skills of English language along with the elimination of the visa subclasses from 15 to 9 to let the applicant get easily acquainted with the most appropriate and suitable subclass for him or herself.

There are onshore and offshore categories as the visa subclass options available for the applicants as per General Skilled Migration Program followed by independent and sponsored categories for Australia Skilled Immigration and Visa. Onshore visas facilitate people already staying in Australia on the basis of another visa program and further applying for the GSM Program. Offshore Visas are for the individuals living abroad and wishing to get permanent immigration to Australia as a skilled migrant.

Sponsored visas are given to the applicants sponsored by their relative living in Australia or an Australian state or territory government. The application requirements in the case of Sponsored Visas are a bit more in as compared to other Skilled Visa Programs and in some cases, a bond is also required to be paid as an application formality.

On the other hand, Independent Visas impose a bit less amount of restrictions and come among the preferred option for the applicants having right qualifications and are not sponsored by any employer.

Some subclasses of Australia Skilled Migration and Visas are assessed on the basis of point system. Skilled Migration applicants are always required to secure the minimum number of points to qualify for Australia Skilled Immigration; otherwise, their application would be placed into the reserve pool and would be considered only if the required percentage of visa approval failed to fulfill in future. If not, their application would not be entertained.