Initially, the concept of Australia Immigration Laws came into existence in 1901 with the passing of Australia’s Immigration Restriction Act to promote ‘White Australia’ policy in the country.

The act was the outcome of an idea of the Australian Government behind restricting the unlawful and undesirable immigrants to enter into the country. Australia Immigration Laws not only aim to restrict the illegal entry to the country, but also to promote the lawful entrance of the individuals finding country as a suitable and most appropriate destination to live, work and play in Australia.

Year 2008-09 has witnessed around 662,305 persons permanently migrating to Australia, as per the reports revealed from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia. However, this was a quite increasing number of the individuals as expected before and so the Australian Government stressed much to organize specific categories for Australian Immigration along with setting certain number of rules and principles.

According to the Australia Immigration Laws, Immigrants are permitted to enter into the country on the temporary or permanent basis on the basis of their visa option and term for immigration.

* Temporary Immigration to Australia

People from other nations aiming to immigrate to Australia for a limited period of time are allowed temporary immigration visa. For obtaining a temporary visa to Australia, applicants are needed to get a written permission letter from their employer stating about the available work position in Australia and whether their application should be accepted by the Board of Immigration in Australia. According to this immigration visa, applicants are allowed to legally reside in Australia from a day to 4 years period before the re-evaluation of their residency by the government. On the basis of this visa only, they can travel as well as return to Australia for whatever time they want within the period of their Australian Visa.

* Permanent Immigration to Australia

Permanent Immigration to Australia is granted to the skilled workers from outside Australia migrating for the skilled positions available in the country. This immigration status is granted to the skilled laborers sponsored by the Australian employers to get skilled workers from outside countries as their employees. This visa allows the workers to reside in Australia permanently along with bringing their families. Immigrants to Australia on the basis of permanent visa also become entitle to the Australian health care and can further apply for citizenship of Australia. After being recognized as the permanent resident to Australia, laborers can also sponsor citizens from other nations for permanent residency in Australia i.e. their family members or dependents.

* Student Immigration to Australia

Australia Immigration Laws permit students from other countries of the world to move to Australia for their further studies with Student Visa and Immigration option.

For being entitled to Australian Immigration for education, students are needed to provide all the information about their course and degree for which, they wish to study in Australia. They must also produce their permission letter from the relevant institution in Australia accepting their request to study in their institute.
Australia Immigration Laws demand lawful promises and procedures from the applicants before their migration to Australia.