All applicants of Australian Visa and Immigration need to pass the Australia Immigration Test to prove their eligibility to obtain permission to enter, live, work and play in Australia for the desired period of time.

Australia Immigration Test Programs are conducted to evaluate and assess the skills, abilities and qualifications of the individuals whether they are migrating to Australia temporarily or permanently. Australian is a developed nation and considering its esteemed value and recognition in the entire world, its beauty and culture, business and education opportunities numerous people from outside countries wish to migrate to Australia.

According to the Immigration Laws and Policies directed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia, individuals seeking Australian Migration need to go through the Point Test System for Skilled Migration and Citizenship Test for Permanent Migration to Australia.

Australia Immigration Test for Permanent Residency in Australia

For being an Australian citizen, immigrants are needed to pass the citizenship test. The aim of this test to find out the knowledge and familiarity of an applicants with the Australian Society along with assessing their English speaking and understanding abilities. According to the Australian Citizenship Website, this test encourages the individuals to search and investigate more about Australia along with understanding the rights, privileges and responsibilities that is brought by every Australian citizen. This test involves 20 questions of multiple choices and every candidate should possess 75% marks to pass the test.

Australia Immigration Test for Skilled Migration in Australia

People wishing to migrate to Australia, but lacking a sponsored job can acquire General Skilled Migration visa. This option of visa and immigration requires a candidate to be skilled in the selected organizations needed as per the laws of Australian Immigration and Citizenship. The applicants are required to be from 18 to 45 years of age to apply through this immigration program. Proficiency in English is another essential requirement for the applicants in this regard. A list has been published by the Australian Government involving the careers for employment in Australia. However, changes can take place time to time in the occupation list depending upon the visa applied.

Online Assessment for Australian Immigration and Visa

Australian Citizenship Test or Skill Assessment is conducted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia. Applicants for Australian Visa and Immigration can also go through the self-assessment programs conducted by the Immigration Agents to evaluate their skills and abilities along with indentifying whether they would qualify for the visa they are going to apply for. Online Assessment Programs are another form of Australia Immigration Test conducted to scrutinize and select the deserving candidate for approval of Australian Visa and Immigration.

Points Calculator

If immigration applicants want to assess themselves to find out their possibility of visa approval; migration agents and consultancies also provide the facilities of Points Calculator. This point Calculator calculates the points secured by the applicants in the Australia Immigration Test and on the basis of the marks obtained, the decision regarding the approval and disapproval is made.