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Department of Immigration Australia

October 1st, 2010

Department of Immigration Australia is the whole-sole authority behind taking appropriate decisions concerning visa and immigration applications to immigrate to Australia.

Australia has emerged as a powerful nation in terms of economic, social, educational, cultural and international province. Hence, people find moving Australia as an opportunity to live, work and play on the basis of appropriate visa and immigration option. Visa and Immigration to stay, work, study and migrate to Australia has opened the doors for the individuals to enter into Australia, but at the same time, the concerns related to illegal migration or entry of unlawful candidates scared the Australian Government. Hence, the concept of legal procedures for migration has evolved to control and restrict the unlawful entry to the country.

Department of Immigration Australia aims to maintain the dignity, ethics and culture of the country by restricting the ineligible or illegal entries to Australia.
Australian Government welcomes immigrants from all over the world; though, its migration laws and procedures are quite complex, still it ensures the successful immigration of the deserving candidates for their demanded purpose and terms. To meet their diverse demands for immigration and to manage the effective migration system, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has created several different visa categories and sub-categories for the individuals seeking permanent or temporary migration to Australia. They are free to select the preferred option as per their requirements and need to migrate to Australia.

Australian Skilled Migration, Australian Business Migration, Australian Family Migration, Australian Working Holiday Visas, Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), OE Visas Australian DIY Emigration Package and Australian Student Visas are some of the visa options facilitated by Department of Immigration Australia.

Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has certain set of norms and standards for all categories or sub-categories of visa options and if applications of the individuals seeking Australian Visa and Immigration fail to comply with those standards, it gets rejected. Hence, proper and effective fulfillment of all requirements is highly essential for all the applicants for any form of visa application.

Department of Immigration Australia also accepts the request of applicants for permanent residency in Australia if they satisfactorily and lawfully accomplish their temporary term for the visa they have already acquired. Becoming an Australian Citizen represents the commitment of the individuals towards the country and its citizens. This gives a feeling of belongingness to the individuals seeking Australian citizenship towards all aspects of the Australian culture, lifestyle and environment.

On the other hand, if someone after getting a visa or immigration to Australia fails to follow the residency procedures and norms being an immigrant to the country, their visa and immigration can then also get cancelled and they may also need to leave the country sooner as per the order of the government. However, Australian Government decides upon the exact and necessary step to be taken in this regard.
Hence, Department of Immigration Australia plays a significant role in managing and controlling the Immigration and Visa measures in the country.

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