Australia is waiting for you...

Australia is open to skilled workers and entrepreneurs thinking about moving to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth or any other Australian city or town to start a wonderful new chapter in their lives.

If you have the same dream, you'll need to obtain an Australian visa. How to do it?
Find out all the steps needed below.

Australia is waiting for you...
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Free online interview

Find out if you are eligible to become an Australian citizen.

The first step to do it is through our free online interview.

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Initial evaluation + consultation package

Did you know that there are about hundreds of types of visas and many complicated procedures

And that if you apply for the wrong one you might lose not only time and money but also a chance to come to Australia forever?

Permanent refusal by the Australian Department of Immigration shattered plans of many people who tried to apply for a visa by themselves. Striving through the process all alone is very risky, troublesome and stressful, due to the complexity of the Australian immigration law.

Don't gamble with your future

Apply for evaluation+consultation package now and find out:

  • for which type of visa you should apply
  • who should be the main applicant (in case you want to move to Australia with your family)
  • how will your working experience be rated by the immigration authorities
  • which skills you have to confirm by passing additional tests and assessments honored by Australian regulations
  • what will be the cost of full representation in the visa application process

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Apply for initial evaluation + consultation package now and save $250!

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Apply for initial evaluation + consultation package now!

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Applying for visa - full representation

After your informed decision if to apply for a visa (based on our in-depth, personal evaluation) our migration experts will fully represent you in the whole process.

You will be asked to provide appropriate documents at certain stages of this process, but generally you'll just have to relax and wait.


All of our migration agents and lawyers are registered and qualified by MARA (the only body that registers immigration agents in Australia).

Enjoy living in Australia!

With the visa in your hands you can start a wonderful new chapter in your life, like hundreds of other people who gave their trust to Synch1!