Application for an Australian Visa

Before filling up an application for an Australian visa you must find out under what category you can file an application for Australian visa. For instance if you are currently running a successful business elsewhere in the world and wish to migrate to Australia to expand it on a global scale, you could file an application for an Australian visa under the Business Skills Program.

Your relatives can sponsor your application for an Australian visa

If your relatives have permanent residence in Australia they can help to sponsor your application. For that to be possible they would need to reside in areas that are considered Designated areas.  In case you want to migrate to Australia but have no relatives there, then you can try to file an application for an Australian Visa under the general skills Migration (GSM) program.

If your application for an Australian Visa is accepted and you are given an immigration work permit based on employment sponsorship you would possess the right to work and live in Australia for a period of up  to four (4) years - (that depends on the period of contract you have with the Australian employer).  You will also be able to apply for permanent residence independently of your employer if you satisfy the requirements, the employer is also able to sponsor you for a permanent visa.

It is not necessary to work in Australia in order to apply for Permanent Residence, there are several visas through the Skilled Migration Category that don't require employment sponsorship. 

Every year several thousands of people with potential to contribute to the Australian economy in a healthy manner are moving to Australia after obtaining the right kind of visa.