Applying for a business visa to Australia - 888visa

The Australian Department of Immigration recognizes that there are many investment opportunities in Australia with its strong economy, abundant natural resources and close geographic and economic relationship with Asia. It has recently made provisions for business people and investors to apply for a business visa to Australia.

Consult with a registered MARA agent before applying for a business visa to Australia

There are a number of different Australian business visa categories and a number of different requirements in each category and it is best to consult with a registered MARA agent before applying for a Australian business

You may apply for a Provisional or Residential business visa as either a sponsored or independent applicant.

As an owner of a business, a senior executive, an investor or as an applicant for Business talent, you will have to provide proof of the following. Significant business assets, an ongoing history with, a commitment to and an ongoing involvement in the business, business acumen and talent, management and/or executive management skills, a healthy annual turnover (depending on the specific category) and a healthy combined annual income for you and/or your spouse. You will also have to be under a certain age - usually 55, but in some categories 45.

If you already hold a provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa, under the Business Innovation and the Business Investor streams, the 888visa allow you to continue running your business and/or investment activities in Australia. You must previously have met the visa requirements and/or be nominated by the State or Territory.

This business visa is not the same as a retirement visa

Though both visas require a significant financial investment in Australia. If you are over fifty five and would like to retire to Australia, you will have to provide proof that you are able and willing to sustain yourself and/or your partner financially according to the requirements of the visa application.

An Investor visa is for business people from overseas who are willing to invest in particular investments programmes in Australia and it allows investors to travel in and out of Australia as often as they like, with their family. They also have the right to study and work in Australia and apply for permanent residency.

An investor retirement visa is for applicants over 55 years old who have no dependents and are self-supported and able to make financial investments in Australia. This visa allows applicants to work part time (40 hrs per fortnight), travel in and out of Australia, live in Australia for four years and have your partner accompany you.

A registered MARA agent will be able to advise which visa application would be best.