Australian Skilled Visa and Immigration

Moving to Australia and working there can be a dream come true for many of us. However, this ambition can turn into a reality only when we are thoroughly updated about the recent developments happening in the field of Australian immigration. Keeping ourselves abreast of all the latest changes that have been made in the Australian visa requirements is of crucial importance. This would help us is applying for an Australian visa in a professional and flawless manner.


As many of you may already know, the government of Australia regularly makes certain amendments to its immigration policy. These changes are made keeping in mind the increasing demand for skilled immigration process as well as the growing need within the country for skilled labor. The main aim behind these changes in the Australian immigration policy has been to ascertain fairness in offering Australian visas to the most deserving applicants and also to bring down any kind of error while selecting the applications.


General Skilled Migration Visa


The General Skilled Migration Program laid down by the Government of Australia offers some of the valued opportunities for skilled labor from all over the world to live and work in Australia. As per this GSM program, skilled labors throughout the globe can apply for an Australian visa.


Selection will be based on their age, qualifications, work experience, proficiency in specialized skills and linguistic excellence. An important point to be remembered here regarding Australian immigration is that under the GSM program only those who have not received any kind of a sponsorship from their employer and who possess skills required for any occupation that figures in the SOL (Special Occupations List) are eligible to apply for an Australian Visa.


Critical Skills List (CSL)


In 2009 some important changes were implemented in the General Skilled Migration Program with regard to migration to Australia. These changes were made in accordance with the growing needs of the Australian economy. The most important modification made was the creation of a Critical Skills List (CSL) that lists out a series of the most sought-after occupations in Australia.


This CSL is applicable to those who are applying for an Australian visa under the General Skills Migration Program. The CSL has been formulated by the department of Australian Immigration after consulting the various state as well as territory administrations as well as the expertise of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). The main aim of this CSL has been to bring in more scope for trading, IT, engineering and medical professional to work in Australia. The list goes through periodic review to cater to the growing as well as varying market demand for specialized skills.


The recent alterations that have been implemented in the Australian policy aim at increasing the scope of employment for those who possess skills in a particular field that is currently experiencing shortage of employees in the country. Such candidates possessing these crucial skills will be processed on a priority basis.


The new Australian immigration policy has also endowed the state and territory governments with increased authority to decide on the crucial skill needs in the area under their purview.


The Australian government has constantly been striving to provide increased occupational opportunities to well deserving applicants from all over the world who dream of migrating to Australia. The changes that have been effected in the Australian immigration policy are only an indication of the government's sincere attempts of increasing the scope of bringing within its fold more and more migrants through Australia working Visa who are qualified to contribute to the country's economy in a healthy manner.