Australian Visa Lawyers

Year after year, hundreds, if not thousands, require the help of Australian Visa Lawyers in order to supply themselves and their family with a chance at a better education, more lucrative jobs and brighter opportunities.


The Lawyers for Australian working visa are tasked with a very important role: to assist individuals and families achieve their goal of immigrating to Australia. Given these facts, where do they fit in the picture? We at Synch1 are tasked with the following:


Answering the Complicated and Unknown Questions


In applying for a visa to Australia, the applicant’s questions are seemingly limitless.

  • What visa am I eligible for?

  • What kind of qualifications to do I need to migrate?

  • What is it like to live in Australia?

  • How do I go about the application process?

Australian Visa Lawyers are equipped and well versed with knowledge of every detail that is needed to apply and make an application successful. 


Assisting in the Application Process


Often, the applications of hopeful immigrants are rejected due to minor mistakes made in the process of completing their applications. Even if the mistakes are small and seemingly insignificant, it can have serious repercussions that will render any chance of migrating to Australia hopeless. From acquiring the proper forms to filling them out and even submitting them, the immigration lawyers are present to make sure that there are no slips or mistakes made for the first attempt of the applicant.


Post-Application Information Dissemination


The Australian Visa Lawyers keep track of the progress being made on applications. They will inform the applicants about the way in which they will be contacted for the results of their applications.  


In the event of a successful application we are also responsible for properly informing the applicants about the duration of the visa and what documents are crucial to have upon arriving in Australia. 


Appealing Unsuccessful Applications and Troubleshooting Other Problems


In the event that an application is denied, we are able to help our clients appeal the decision on the visa refusal. Knowledge about the immigration laws of Australia are crucial at this time more than any other and the lawyers are well-versed with the handling of visa appeals.


In addition, visa lawyers are also able to help their clients with issues such as lost passports, detention or deportation.


Entering and living in Australia is far from a simple task


There is a rather daunting amount of documentation necessary just to simply be able to apply for a proper visa. Though the process isn’t easy, it can be made simpler with the help of visa lawyers. Thankfully, there are migration agents from Synch1, such as Mira Flomin and Danny Trestian, who are not only committed and dedicated to helping applicants succeed in their endeavors but are also honest and worthy of the applicant’s trust.