Australian Visas for British Citizens

Did you know that despite the many similarities between Australians and British people, there is still the need for Australian Visas for British Citizens and British Visas for Australian citizens? This is actually a fact that not that many people know as everyday there is a number of British citizens posting their questions online about whether or not they need Australian Visas for UK citizens.


Thankfully there are agencies like Synch1 that can guide you through the complicated processes of Australian Immigration and Visa Applications.


We at Synch1 firmly believe that everyone has a right to an excellent quality of life for everyone with a good amount of diversity and life in its horizons while at the same time allowing them to find tranquility in the midst of all this dynamics and innovation in this Land of Opportunities. 


As proof of our claim, allow us to brief you on the different kinds of Visas for British Citizens as well as for the rest of the world. 


In applying for a visa, you are presented with a variety of specific classifications per visa according to field and duration of stay in Australia. There are:

  • Permanent entry visas, 

  • Work visas, 

  • Temporary entry visas, 

  • Visitor visas, and 

  • Business visas. 

Permanent Entry Visas for British Citizens


Permanent entry visas are for those who wish to reside in Australia permanently; this visa can also be divided into two streams, depending on the reason for migration, the first stream would be because of the Migration Program where visa applicants are chosen based on skills, health, financial status, age, proficiency in the English language, as well as the different relations you have in Australia be it family, friends or business contacts.


The second stream would be under the Humanitarian Program where applicants are refugees that are taken to Australia as a result of armed conflict or human rights abuse on their own countries. 


Work Visas for UK Citizens


The work visa for UK citizens is either for those working part-time in spite of the fact that the main purpose of the visit would be for a vacation of sorts or for those who wish to stay in Australia in order to work while under a four-year duration under the sponsorship of an employer whether in Australia or based overseas. 


The temporary entry visa is usually for exchange students or diplomats; it is also used by those who are under the skilled employment category like chefs as well as those who are involved in social, cultural, or international relations. 


Visitor Visas


The visitor visa is for those who wish to simply visit Australia for a short time whether as a tourist or visiting relatives or friends; the validity of the visitor visa can last for 3 months or even a whole year depending on what kind of visitor visa the person applied for. 


Business Visas


Last but not the least would be the business visa, which is applied for when the purpose of the person’s visit to Australia would be purely for work purposes, something that is usually availed of by business owners or investors and the like.