Benefits of getting Australian citizenship

The first and the most important reason to obtain Australian citizenship is that you will be able to stay in the most livable country in the world, and one among the most economically stable. You will be a part of Australia’s free and democratic society.

By being an Australian citizen you are guaranteed the right to remain in Australia. PR (permanent residence) can lose their status if they spend long periods of time outside of the country or if they commit certain crimes. Once you gain Australian citizenship it can’t be revoked.

  • You will no longer have to obtain Resident Return Visa, to keep your right to remain in Australia.

  • Getting Australian citizenship also means you can vote and elect your representatives.

  • Australian citizens have lower education costs.

  • You can apply for government jobs. Most of the jobs require the applicant to be an Australian citizen.

  • You will get an Australian passport which offers better visa-free travel than most other countries, and gives you the right to consular protection when you are abroad.

  • If you have children born outside of Australia, you will be able to register them as Australian citizens by descent.

  • With an Australian passport you will also get full residence rights in New Zealand.

  • If you want to adopt a child in Australia, the law in some states and territories requires that at least one or both parents are Australian citizens.

  • By gaining Australian citizenship you also get the right to represent Australia in many international sporting and cultural events.

  • You will have access to safety nets that you couldn’t if you aren’t an Australian citizen, for example unemployment benefits if you are unable to find work.

  • All Australian citizens share the democratic beliefs like parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, living peacefully, respect of all individuals regardless of background and compassion for those in need.

  • Australian citizenship also means you will have freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion.

Being an Australian citizenship has many more benefits, and maybe the best one is that you will be a part of a tolerant and inclusive society and be able to contribute to the common good of Australia with the values and principles that unite it.