Clients Testimonials for Synch1

As a global organization, Synch1 has been the gateway for many hundreds of applicants to gain their visa to Australia. We like to think we're at the pinnacle of our profession, and many seem to agree. Some examples:


"Having decided to make the move to Australia, the task facing me seemed immense. However, once I had made contact with Synch1, it all seemed so much easier. Each stage was broken down for me and explained with appropriate care and detail. As a busy professional, I wouldn't have managed the process without them. Synch1's service was exemplary. Prompt responses to all my queries – and there were many! - kept me reassured that everything was progressing well, and the combination of a professional manner and friendly courtesy made the whole process smooth and stress-free. I was particularly impressed with the rapid processing time. After having expected a turnaround time of up to a year, I was delighted to get my visa granted only 14 weeks after it was lodged.

I would not hesitate to recommend Synch1 to anyone wanting a dedicated professional service to assist in their move to Australia."

Polly J. Borley, ex-UK

"We are very happy and excited at the same time in having gained our Australian visa. It was really a pleasure working with Synch1, and we have to say that we would not have been able to do it without them, and without their professional service. It is great having an above expectation service in today's business world. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you have put into this case."

Roland and Sharon Flavian, ex-USA

"Without Synch 1, we'd never have realized our dream. They're so professional and dedicated. We'd recommend Synch1 to anyone considering a lifestyle change to Australia. Mira and Danny were determined to make our dream come true. We knew we had someone to rely on and be sure things were done as fast as possible. Synch1 was always available to us and happily answered all our concerns regarding the relocation." 

Ami and Beatrice Rotman, ex-Romania and Israel

"Without Synch1, starting our life together would have been a slow, painful process. Synch1 is great to work with, friendly, efficient and professional. We would recommend Synch1 to anyone considering a lifestyle change or wanting to be with a loved one."

Heather Donald of South Africa (who joined her fiancé in Australia thanks to Synch1)

"Mira has been a great help to myself and my husband over the past 18 months. She has kept in contact, returned emails within 24hrs, answered all our questions with plenty of helpful information. We are both very grateful for all the help synch1 has given us. We plan to stay in touch with Mira, and hope to meet her in person soon after we arrive in Cairns. Mira is a valuable team member of synch1."

Zoe Sharrock and Mark Winter, ex- UK 

"We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your help in getting us on the road to a new life in Australia.

The response to any of our questions via e-mail were acted on immediately and always in a professional manner.

Level of dedication from Mira Flomin was 100 percent and we would recommend the services of SynchronicityOne to any of our family and friends who wish to start the process of immigration to Australia.


Lisa and John Catlin, UK

"Dear Mira,

We wanted to thank your company, especially you, for the great collaboration on the visa obtaining process. 

It was very confusing for us what are the steps we have to take for obtaining a Australian visa until we started to work with you. The whole process went so smoothly, every next step that we had to take was very clearly explained, and you were very resourceful during these two years of collaboration.
We appreciate very much the high level of professionalism of your company, the speed of replies to any question that we addressed to you, or messages that were addressed to us, the high level of customer service and care, we felt on a safe side during the whole process, and it gave us confidence.

I was amazed with the level of dedication to our case, and I know for sure that each client that you work with feel the same, we could receive messages any time, 7 days a week. 

You really cared about the case and take in consideration people's feelings and how much does it mean to receive news while waiting.

I enjoyed our communication in such a friendly way. I heard many good things about Australians and their openness to other people and I had a chance to feel it.

Though we are very happy that we came to finish, It is so sad that we finished our collaboration, it was a great pleasure to work with you in such a friendly environment. 

Thank you so much again and wish you great successes and nice collaborations with other people. You make a difference in people's lives.

Best regards."

Georgeta and family from Moldova.

"Dear Mira and all Synchronicity1 team,

This letter is to express our appreciation to your company for helping us to get the PR visa for Australia.

From the very beginning of our process in Sep 05 when we went through the detailed assessment we came to know the great expertise of Mira. Mira investigated every little detail in our case in order to calculate for us the chances to receive the PR. We were given the exact odds regarding our case and when the time came to make a decision we were absolutely sure that if we follow Mira's advice we will get the PR.

The first stage was to get the professional approval from the ACS. Our case was very urgent but doable according to Mira, yet due to her prompt and thorough service, we succeeded in doing it on time and In Feb 06 we got the ACS approval.

Following Mira's instructions we lodged our application on time in Mar 06. We must note that until that moment we have been given the best service from Mira sometimes even a few times a day. We got her response on every detail we enquired.

During the waiting time we made our IELTS exams and following Mira's advice we prepared documents for approving our relationship in case DIMIA will require that. All the way we were confident about the process due to Mira's advice and experience. Finally we were called to do the medical tests and the police clearance so we realized it’s the end of the process.

We knew from the very beginning that Synchronicity1 has 100% success cases, meaning that an application won't be lodged in case it is not 100% sure. This fact gave us the confidence that we are in safe hands.

On the 10th of January 2007, we received our PR visas and since then… well we are very happy!

This is our chance for us to thank you very much and to assure you that we highly recommend on your service in every chance we have.

Yours sincerely."

Carmit and Haim Netanel, Israel

"To whom it may concern

Once i had decided to contact Synch1 to assist me in my application for an Australian Visa, then it was a commited one to one support procedure from there on in.

From the first instance of deciding what would be the best form of visa to apply for, the support and guidance provided to me was first class.

One of the areas that realy pleased me was in the almost instance reply provided to me on any given question or request, especially taking into consideration of the time difference between the UK and Australia.

At no time did Mira offer any personnal views or comments towards my application, carrying out all elements in the upmost profesional manner.

I would fully recommend Synch1 to any other person wishing to  gain an Australian visa in a smooth, no hassle and proffesional journey."

Dean May, UK

"When my wife and I decided to apply for an Australian visa the first immigration agents we found listed on the internet were SynchronicityOne (our agent’s name was Mira) and we decided to go with them.

As I didn’t shop around I can’t tell you if they are the cheapest agents available but I can tell you that you will be extremely lucky if you find other agents who are as professional, friendly or committed to do everything they can to help you realize your dream.

The whole process from start to finish took us 18 months and not once during this time did I have the feeling that we weren’t a personal priority to Mira.

There was a time during the process when I had to submit several draft copies of my letter of reference to Mira before she was happy for it to be submitted to the relevant visa office. Thanks to her persistence with getting the final draft correct, once it was presented to the immigration office it was accepted without any further questions or information required.

During the last 18 months whilst dealing with SynchronicityOne my wife and I have felt we were more than just clients to our agents (which is not always the case when hearing of other peoples experiences with their agents). So much so that when we arrive in Brisbane later this year we are meeting up with Mira to thank her and SynchronicityOne in person.

As an indication of how high I rate Mira and SynchronicityOne I recommended them to my parents when they mentioned they were going to apply for Australian visas and they are now in the final stages of the process and can not speak highly enough of the service they have received."

Dean and Lorraine Harvey, UK

"I first heard about Synch1 from a friend, she told me that with Synch1 my chances of getting an Australian immigration visa are maximized, she was right. I approached Synch1 by email and got an immediate response from Mira. After filling a simple pre-assessment form I was right on track. Communicating with Mira was always simple and easy – never did it took more than a day to get a reply and usually it was a matter of a few hours to get a complete and informative response.

During the application period I received excellent service. It felt as if Mira is more worried about a successful completion of the application than me. I am a bit absent-minded and I used to forget about deadlines and more than once did I wrongly fill a form. Mira's patient and calm approach as well as her ability to work around my mistakes was a life-saver.

Mira is a pure professional: my effort and the need to understand the Australian bureaucracy was cut to virtually nothing. I was precisely instructed and double-checked through all the stages. All I did was to fill simple instructions, one step at a time. I was amazed to see Mira's knowledge and control not only of the Australian immigration process but of the procedures and services in my home country as well; even at my home country I counted on Mira's advice on how to acquire the needed documents and certificates.

When I approached Synch1 I was single, at the final stages of the application I met and married the woman I love. Naturally I wanted to add her to the application, but this posed a considerable complication which was successfully resolved only by Mira's creativity and determination. I was carefully guided on all aspects; I felt that A LOT of thought and care were invested by Mira to make sure that all the details are perfect.

Now, that our visa is finally approved, I must admit that it's all Mira's doing: Without your dedication and care this would never have happened! Mira is an excellent agent, highly professional and dedicated; I strongly recommend choosing Sinch1 to be your Australian migration agency."  

Yoram Kulbak, Israel

"I hired the immigration services of Synch1 agency for immigration purposes about a year ago and finally received a permanent resident visa to Australia.
The service I got from Synch1 was outstanding.

We had to face very aggressive deadlines due to various reasons and no matter how tight the schedule was they always have been there on time even when had to work into the night.

During the process I had endless questions always got all the answers and explanations that I needed.
I strongly recommend Synch1's services and all of my friends that are interested in moving to Australia got that email address.

Alex Laznik - Israel

As for our experience from your service over the last 1.5 years, we have only good things to say.

It's been a pleasure working with you, we think the level of dedication and customer service is 10 (out of 10). We always felt you are with us all the way It was always great to get your e-mails. You always explained what we have to do and answered all our questions with patience and with great courtesy. We always felt updated about the process. Your answers always came with high speed.

We tried to do all you have asked us because we believed you know what and why you are asking all for us to get our visas and we got it.

We are very happy, we plan to come for one month visit and then to come back again to settle down.

Thanks for everything again.
We wish you all the best

Alex & Carine, France