General Skilled Migration Australia

Australia is a country that is home to amazing cultural diversity. The country is abundant with a sea of opportunities to those who wish to work in Australia and settle there. The awe-inspiring landscape, the exotic flora and fauna, the most happening cosmopolitan cities along with the development that the country has exhibited in the arena of global business have made Australia a much sought-after destination for immigration.

Skilled Migration is the best way to move to Australia

Skilled Migration
is the best way that skilled laborers can move to Australia. The General Skilled Migration Program formulated by the Government of Australia is ideal for those who possess skills in any sought-after occupation and also do not have a sponsorship from their employer.

According to the basic guidelines of this migration program, skilled labors throughout the globe can apply for an Australian visa. Applicant will be selected on the basis of their age, qualifications, work experience, expertise in specialized skills and knowledge of English language for vocational levels.

An important point to be remembered

An important point to be remembered here is that under this program only applicants who have not received any sponsorship from their employer and who possess skills required for any occupation that figures in the SOL (Skilled Occupations List) are eligible to apply.  

Recent amendments have been made in this program with regard to migration to Australia. These changes were made depending on the changing requirements of the Australian economy.

The most important change is the CSL which is applicable to those who are applying for an Australian visa under the General Skills Migration Program. The CSL has been created by the department of Australian Immigration after seeking advice from the several state as well as territory administrations as well as the expertise of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). This was the introduction of a Australia Critical Skills List (CSL) that lists out several occupations that are in great demand in Australia.

The main aim of Critical Skills List

The main aim of this CSL has been to bring in more scope for trading, IT, engineering and medical professional to live and work in Australia under the General Skilled Migration Australia. The list will be periodically reviewed to cater to the growing as well as varying market demand for specialized skills. 

The current modifications that have been made aim at increasing the possibility for employment of those possessing specialized skills in a particular field that is in demand in the country. Applications for Australian immigration from candidates under this program will be processed on a priority basis.

The new Australian immigration policy has also provided the state and territory governments with increased authority to decide on the crucial skill needs in the area under their purview.  

The Australian government has been taking strenuous efforts to provide increased occupational opportunities to well deserving applicants from all over the world. The changes only indicate the government’s sincere attempts of increasing the scope of bringing within its fold more and more migrants who are qualified to contribute to the country’s economy in a healthy manner.