Getting Your Australian Visa

If you are exited about Australia as a change of atmosphere and also as a lifestyle change, you should know that Australia is one good option for you and your family. You would need to plan carefully your steps and better to use qualified and licensed MARA experts in order to plan that big life changing step in your life. That would be the right step, before you run and make a visa to application to an Australian visa. There are hundreds of types of visas to Australia and that needs careful planning and expertise.


There are a few mandatory steps, which one must take, in order to achieve the desired goal, and the first one would be finding a specialized person or firm to help you do that. You would want to find a visa consultant or agent: one that is specialized in Australian visas, also such an agent that is accredited by MARA. There are quite a few around, and one that inspires the most trust is Synch1. They provide you with help in getting a visa from the first steps, even from the moment you start to think about leaving to Australia. After the first step is complete, you will have full representation and all the help that you need with the documents. It is important to emphasize, that the “ foundation “ and initial consultation is very crucial and everything is based on that solid foundation. If that initial part, of the evaluation and assessment is performed right then everything else is build on that.


The whole process starts with some assessments, in order for the consultants to decide the eligibility for immigrating to Australia, and based on those facts, they will guide and “ walk you through the process, from the start until you are actually on Australian soil.


Keep in mind the fact that there are several procedures that you need to go through first, such as language ones or skill ones, so that you could easily qualify to submit an EOI (expression of interest for skilled migration to Australia). Skilled migration would be a very good option, as it leads to the desired and lucrative PR (permanent residence) leading to citizenship. The MARA agent will guide you and tell you exactly what you need to do, so that you will become an eligible party for Australian immigration visas. Do not start to make a whole research online about Australian procedures, as it is not advisable it is very complicated and it’s not recommended to risk failure. So the first step is to choose your experts not to be alone in this process. Advisable, to choose a firm that conducts and in depth evaluation package in writing only ( such as synch1 does ) and do not rely on fast assessments by non agent or not in writing – that would be our advise. That mini process of assessment and evaluation in writing at the start of the interaction with your migration agents is crucial, in that process you get to know their availability / dedication / professionalism and ethical standards – so that is a great opportunity to know who you are dealing with and how well you will be represented.


There would be many strategies and visas, therefore you can go for a skilled visa, study visa, visitor visa, business visa, retirement visa and many more, depending on the specific situation. You can also take your spouse and children in Australia, because if you manage to receive the right to immigrate to Australia, they will automatically be allowed to come with you and support you along the way. Usually when Synch1 examines your eligibility and conducts the initial evaluation they would examine the “ complete picture “ of the applicants and treat the family of parents and children under the age of 18 as “ one family unit “. One family member ( if it is a family and not just 1 applicant ) that has the best options will be chosen as the main applicant. This would be part of the migration plan and strategy build up for the right visa application.


Another important part of any immigration process is to make sure that you have all your documents in order, legally translated into English language. You need to include the birth certificate, the study diplomas, and anything that might be remotely helpful to getting an Australian visa. Make sure that you get all these information from the consultant that is guiding you through the whole process.


After you get an Australian visa and you manage to live there, hopefully with your family, you can apply for Australian citizenship. The Australian Citizenship will enable you to get the lucrative Australian passport for you and all your family members. At that stage you would have maxed up your options and choices: could choose to live and work and open companies / buy and sell apartments and land not only in Australia but also in NZ (New Zealand) and also get all the social security and Medicare ( Free Government Medical Insurance ). Other then that, if you need to you could choose to live outside of Australia as much as you and family need and choose and then return whenever you wish to Australia.


It is important not to rely on “stories” and various websites, so make sure that you find the perfect consultant to guide you through the Australian immigration process. You need experienced and dedicated high level professionals to “ walk you through “ this life changing process and a direct interaction once you become a client. It is very important to take the “ professional “ approach in the same way you would go to see an expert doctor / accountant / lawyer / engineer for some advice in those fields. In order to get to the desired result, getting an Australian visa, you need to have specialized help, as Synch1 is providing for more than 13 years.