Information on Australia Visa Requirements

Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Australia Visas

The Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) (SRS) Australia Visa is for skilled people who wish to live and work in a regional or low population growth area in Australia.

This Australian Visa was developed in consultation with state and territory governments and is designed to assist regional areas attract, and retain, skilled migrants to fill skill shortages, boost development in regional communities… read more about Skilled Independent Regional Australia Visa’s.

Skilled Immigration

The skilled stream of Australia’s Immigration (non-humanitarian) Program is specifically designed to target migrants who have skills or abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy.

There are three types of categories under which you can apply for skilled immigration to Australia: read more about Australia Skilled Immigration and Australia Visa’s.

Family Immigration

Australia’s Family Immigration
Scheme is designed to allow people to immigrate to Australia to join family members already living here as permanent residents or Australian citizens. A person who qualifies Australian Immigration may include their family unit in their Australia Visa. Normally the Australian relative must sign and lodge Sponsorship papers with the AU Government. read more about Australia family immigration and Australian Visa’s.

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Business Immigration

As of 1 July 2012 a new Business Immigration program applies. The new program replaces all existing business immigration categories, and consists primarily of a two-stage application process. At the first stage business migrants can apply for a provisional Australian Visa.

Once granted the provisional Australian Visa, business migrants… read more about Australia Business Immigration and Australia Visa’s.

Retirement Visa

If you are over 55 years of age you may apply for an Australian Investor Retirement Visa. Your spouse may be included in this Australia Visa regardless of their age. No other dependants can be included in an Investor Retirement Visa. An Australian Investment Retirement Visa is a temporary Visa valid for four years. After four years, an Investor Retirement Visa may be rolled-over every two years. read more about Australia retirement visa and migration.

Student Visa

Australia has become a major exporter of education at all levels, from primary school to tertiary education. Many people come here from overseas to take advantage of our excellent trade and vocational colleges, also the academic qualifications gained through universities and post-graduate courses. read more about Australia Student Visas.