Why use a professional MARA registered migration agent?

To fully understand the benefits of using a MARA registered agent, you must first know what the Office of MARA is, and what are its key objectives.

MARA (The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) is a discrete office attached to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. MARA started its operations in 2009 and the key objectives are the following:

  • Only suitable and qualified persons can register as migration agents, the rest can not register.

  • Registered agents have the appropriate level of knowledge to provide accurate advice to clients.

  • All eventual complaints against agents are appropriately addressed.

  • MARA works with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and with prosecuting and regulatory authorities to address the activities of agents.

  • Clients understand their rights and agents understand their obligations under the regulatory framework.

IMPORTANT: In Australia it is ILLEGAL to give advice about migration without being registered with MARA!

Registered MARA agents are licensed to give advice on visa requirements, lodge a visa application and work with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on the client’s behalf. They can help you structure your application and prepare all the needed forms and documents, and of course help you chose the Australian visa that best suits your needs.

Many of the agents that do not live in Australia are not registered and lack the proper training to give you the best possible help with you visa application and can even reduce your chances of getting an Australian visa!
Our company, Synch1 specializes in skilled migration for more than 12 years (since 2000.) It is a company founded in St Kilda Melbourne, and all of our agents are MARA licensed and are members of MIA (Migration Institute of Australia). Being a part of MARA and MIA means that our agents are bound by the Migrations Agents Code of Conduct, which ensures that they will act professionally and in their client’s lawful best interests. Synch1 also has a very high success rate that combined with our years of experience in the field guarantee that your Australian visa application is in the best possible hands!

If you are considering moving to Australia and using a MARA licensed agent, we highly recommend that you start your Australian visa process with our professional Detailed Assessment or try our Free Assessment!