Work Permit in Australia

Australia is fast becoming a favored place for people from all over the world. People are flocking to get their visa approved and to migrate to Australia.


Though there are a number of visas for which one can apply for, work permit in Australia is the most common one. Getting hold of a work permit is indeed difficult but it is not impossible. You need to have a prior knowledge of every minute detail so that you can prepare an application for your visa accordingly. Your application will, then, get an easy approval and your long cherished migration to Australia will be a smooth sail. So here comes team synch1, one of the most reliable Australian migration agents, at your service.


Australian Work Permit Categories


Under the employer nomination visa can be basically divided into 4 main categories. 


  1. In the first category is the employer nomination scheme or ENS. ENS has been devised basically for Australian employers in order to allow them to recruit highly skilled and experienced labor from other countries or from people who are on a temporary stay in Australia. But, the employers can seek labor from abroad only when they find it difficult to fill a vacancy with the help of either the Australian labor market or from their own training programs. 

  2. You can get hold of a work permit under the Regional sponsored migration scheme. This scheme has been developed for the employers who are in regional, scarcely populated or under developed areas of Australia. They can resort to this scheme only if they are unable to find expert personnel from within the Australian labor market.

  3. Up next is the Labor agreements which provide the Australian employers with an opportunity to employ a particular number of dexterous hands form abroad. As per the LA an employer is permitted to do so provided there is an identified or a gradual emerging dearth of labor in the Australian labor market. 

  4. You can acquire a work permit also under regional headquarters agreement. This agreement can equip you with immigration arrangements in order to enable either a permanent or a temporary transfer of key executive and skilled personnel of a business organization or company. This organization needs to be identified in Australia as managing functions supporting an international operation. 

With the employer nomination scheme information at your finger’s ends, you can determine and see if you are eligible for applying and getting sponsored for a Australian work permit under the employer nomination scheme. 


Hiring and seeking help from a migration agent may lessen your doubts and problems and hence your overall burden to a great extent.


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